What we do:

  • Plumbing

We have experience in most aspects of domestic plumbing from minor issues such as leaks and drips through to major modifications such as new bathrooms and kitchens. We can quickly move a radiator or install a new dishwasher according to your wishes Toilet flush valves and all ball valves replaced. Shower pumps installed. Underfloor heating.

  • Electrical / Electronic

Being qualified in Electronics, we can undertake small to medium scale reparations such as adding extra sockets or fitting an electric shower, as well as repairing domestic electronics eg. washing machines, computers, TV's etc. Please contact for advice.

  • Motors

Years of motor experience has provided a firm base for the most common MOT motor issues such as oil and filter changes, break disks and pads, suspension ball joints, CV joints and rubber boots, belts, wipers etc.

  • Any other DIY

In fact we have a good understanding of most technical issues (eg. this website) and can be very resourceful for most repairs, saving you money. Try us first without obligation.